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phpUserTrack Manual

Complete Referance Manual and Documentation

Christopher Troup
Lead Developer -

Table of Contents

What is phpUserTrack? What can it do?

phpUserTrack is a site statistic collection and analyzation program written in PHP. It tracks user habits and characteristics for a site or across multiple domains. Pages are tracked with either Javascript or with PHP, and data is collected in realtime into a MySQL database. A variety of statistical procedures are applied to show you where your site needs to be optimized.

Other web statistic collection programs use generated Apache or IIS log files. phpUserTrack provides real-time statistics by collecting this information instantly as the user browses your website. Combined with the additional ability to track users accross multiple sites and generate usage paths and optimizations, phpUserTrack is developing to be the most powerful web statistics package availible.

System Requirements

The following requirements are nessasary for a working phpUserTrack install:

  • You need a version of PHP that is 5.0 or greater.

  • You must have MySQL support configured (ie: --with-mysql when configuring)

    If you are planning on hosting the database locally (ie. you want to access the database with a command like mysql -h localhost) then you'll also need to have MySQL installed and configured correctly. Please refer to the MySQL website for instructions.

  • You must have support for GD compiled in PHP. (ie: --with-gd when configuring)

  • You must have support for FreeType compiled in PHP. (ie: --with-freetype when configuring)

  • phpUserTrack also relies on a couple packages that may not be installed by default, namely MDB2 and MDB2_Driver_mysqli. They can usually be installed with:

    $ pear install MDB2

    $ pear install MDB2_Driver_mysqli

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